3rd Edition:

25th September to 26th April 2022

The Sha’Ara Intensive is a union of Sacred Sexuality work and Sacred Medicine work, alchemized together by the sacred wisdom of Kabbala. It is a very deep journey focused on growing your inner Tree of Life from the root to full blossom.

This intensive will be the third offering of the Ashram of Love and will journey for 31 Days from the 25th September to 26th October 2022. 

The Sha’ara Intensive also includes Tantric offerings, pujas, classes, shadow work and the super power of an authentic love community. Meditation, music, dance, ritual-theatre, sacred movement, and the ancient powers of the Temples of Malta with the elements of sea, sun, cave and wind -- all are uniquely woven together into this intensive training.

Recommedations to attend the Sha'Ara

 ISTA Level 2 or Highden Temple Training

Due to the sensitivity of this work and to ensure the quality of the container, we highly recommend attending Sha'Ara after completing ISTA L2, The Temple Training (of Highden) or similar works that involve sacred sexuality, the emotional body and the transpersonal.

A direct Invitation from us or recommendation from one of our partners

If you don't have a relationship with Kabala of Love (, any faculty in the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Highden or the Ashram of Love in Malta, you can still request an invitation here telling us why this training is right for you.



Full Intensive (31 Days)

Includes accommodation, tuition, ceremonies, excursions, food (3 meals a day or breakfast only on days off)


Full Intensive
Sponsored or as Team Support

These positions depend on your application and available sponsorships. Payment plans also available. A small number of places are also available for those willing to support with the retreat. We recommend to apply as early as possible.